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More Projects
Queens Road Project Takes the Unconventional Path
The $28-million roadway reconstruction project requires careful orchestration to prevent future flooding of three Broad Channel streets.

Photo by Island Swann Studios

Massive Makeover Hinges on Smart Coordination
Office complex transformation required rigorous site logistics, collaboration and design management efforts.

Photo by Bruce Damonte, Courtesy of Rafael Vinoly Architects

More Projects
11/25/14 Best Project: Interiors/Tenant Improvement
Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum
11/25/14 Award of Merit: Interiors/Tenant Improvement (A)
Harman Flagship Store
11/25/14 Award of Merit: Interiors/Tenant Improvement (B)
1552 Broadway
11/25/14 Award of Merit: Interiors/Tenant Improvement (C)
LS Travel iStore & Porsche Design
11/25/14 Best Project: Landscape/Urban Development
LeFrak Center at Lakeside, Prospect Park
11/25/14 Best Project: Manufacturing
11/25/14 Award of Merit: Office/Retail/Mixed-Use (A)
Entry Pavilion at Brookfield Place
11/25/14 Best Project: Renovation/Restoration
Pier A Restoration
11/25/14 Best Project: Residential/Hospitality
135 East 79th
11/25/14 Award of Merit: Residential/Hospitality (A)
The Marriott at 1717 Broadway
11/25/14 Award of Merit: Residential/Hospitality (B)
The New York Palace
11/25/14 Best Project: Small Project (Under $10 Million)
Monmouth Battlefield State Park Visitor Center
11/25/14 Best Project: Specialty Contracting
Hurricane Sandy Staten Island Residential Repairs
11/25/14 Award of Merit: Specialty Contracting (A)
NYU Langone Sandy Restoration
11/25/14 Award of Merit: Specialty Contracting (B)
4 New York Plaza
11/25/14 Best Project: Sports/Entertainment
Madison Square Garden Transformation Project
11/25/14 Award of Merit: Sports/Entertainment
Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino
11/25/14 Best Project: Water/Wastewater
West Brook Flood Control Project
11/24/14 Award of Merit: Green (A)
Fairchild Wheeler Inter-District Magnet Campus
11/24/14 Award of Merit: Interiors/Tenant Improvement
Harman Flagship Store
11/24/14 Award of Merit: Green
Washington Square Park, Park House
11/21/14 Best Project: Cultural/Worship
Theatre for a New Audience at Polonsky Shakespeare Center
11/21/14 Award of Merit: Cultural/Worship
Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum Carnegie Mansion
11/21/14 Best Project: Government/Public Buildings
NYC Parks Beach Restoration Modules
11/21/14 Award of Merit: Government/Public Buildings
Statue of Liberty National Monument Life and Safety Upgrades and Post-Sandy Recovery
11/21/14 Best Project: Health Care
Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York
11/17/14 Best Project: K-12 Education
PAVE Academy
11/17/14 Award of Merit: Airports/Transit
Metro North Embankment Stabilization at Milepost HU43.8
11/17/14 Award of Merit: Green
Fairchild Wheeler Inter-District Magnet Campus
11/17/14 Award of Merit: Green (B)
Washington Square Park, Park House
11/17/14 Award of Merit: Health Care
Lawrence + Memorial Hospital Cancer Center
11/17/14 Award of Merit: Higher Education/Research
Weill Cornell Medical College’s Belfer Research Building
11/17/14 Award of Merit: Highways/Bridge (C)
I-84 Over Dingle Ridge Road - Rapid Bridge Replacement
11/17/14 Award of Merit: Highways/Bridges (A)
Interchange 6 to 9 Widening Program, Interchange 8
11/17/14 Award of Merit: Highways/Bridges (B)
Design/Build Services for the Reconstruction of Ramp MQ at the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge, RK-73
11/17/14 Award of Merit: Highways/Bridges (D)
Alexander Hamilton Bridge and Highbridge Interchange Rehabilitation Project
11/17/14 Award of Merit: Interiors/Tenant Improvement
LS Travel iStore & Porsche Design
11/17/14 Award of Merit: Office/Retail/Mixed-Use
4 World Trade Center
11/17/14 Award of Merit: Residential/Hospitality
The New York Palace
11/17/14 Award of Merit: Specialty Contracting
4 New York Plaza
11/17/14 Best Project: Airports/Tunnel
2nd Avenue Subway, 96th St. Station, Contract C 26005
11/17/14 Best Project: Higher Education/Research
Bill & Melinda Gates Hall
11/17/14 Best Project: Highways/Bridges
Historic Mystic Movable Bridge Rehabilitation
11/17/14 Best Projects: Green
Novartis Visitor Reception Building
11/17/14 Corporate Complex Takes the Top Spot

N.J. project is one of 59 submissions.
11/10/14 Excellence in Safety
The Green Lane Building at Kean University
11/10/14 Award of Merit: Safety
Hyatt Times Square (135 W. 45th Street)
09/22/14 $450-Million Hospital Resets Scope and Adds Complexity

The project will ultimately expand Stamford Hospital’s campus footprint by 50%, but not before reshaping nearly every facet of the complex.
08/22/14 Designers Float Six Ways to Reinvent the Coastline

With federal funds in place, some of the Rebuild by Design proposals could break ground as early as next year.
08/22/14 City and State Agencies Aim to Rebuild Better

While some regional entities are still awaiting approvals, others have kicked off work on long-range infrastructure resiliency projects.
07/14/14 Subs Help Inject Cost-Savings Into Hospital Project

Winthrop Hospital’s project team is using a design-assist approach to build a new research center.
02/24/14 Bay Park Set to Start $35.7M Project in May

The $35.7-million project will include raising electrical equipment up to the 500-year flood level.
02/24/14 Next Wave of Shore Work Covers $2.8B in Projects

The Corps of Engineers is set to start work this fall on coastal resiliency projects that were authorized but unconstructed when Sandy hit.
02/24/14 Pumping Station Repair Work Expected at PVSC

Work will take place at both Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission’s effluent pumping station and wet weather pumping station, part of its Newark-based water treatment plant.
02/24/14 Sandy-Hit Beaches Made Whole Again

Beach replenishment projects are expected to continue until the fall.
02/24/14 Wastewater Utilities To Get Federal Boost for Upgrades

New York and New Jersey can soon tap EPA funding for water utilities
01/17/14 Six Things to Watch in the Alternative Energy Market This Year

Superstorm Sandy knocked out power in thousands of homes in the tristate area and drew more attention to the alternative power market.
01/17/14 A Village Rises Within a Gritty City

Some say it just might take a village, like the $160-million Teachers Village project now under way, to boost Newark’s revitalization efforts.
12/06/13 Outlook 2014: Sandy Work Still Helping Region's Gradual Recovery

Activity in the tristate region is on a gentle upswing, with some large-scale projects under way or about to begin.
12/06/13 Outlook 2014: Major Investments Span Metro N.Y.-N.J. Bridges

Transportation sector is likely to remain active for the next few years, experts say.
12/06/13 Outlook 2014: Connecticut Hospital's Healthy Upgrade

Upon completion in the summer of 2016, the project will have added 641,463 sq ft to the hospital.
12/06/13 Outlook 2014: N.J.'s American Dream May Come True

About 80% of the East Rutherford retail and amusement project, formerly known as Xanadu, is completed.
12/06/13 Spirit of Cooperation Aids $177M Cathedral Upgrade

It takes a lot of coordination—and scaffolding—to restore St. Patrick’s Cathedral as the church remains in service and welcomes visitors.
11/07/13 N.Y. Capitol Restoration Elevates Safety Practices
Best Safety
11/07/13 Complex Underground Work Paves Way for Barclays Arena
Best Airport/Transit
11/07/13 Delta Terminal 4 Headhouse at JFK International Airport
Award of Merit, Airports/Transit
11/07/13 Rehabilitation of the St. George Staten Island Ferry Terminal Ramps
Award of Merit, Airports/Transit
11/07/13 Restoration Is Salvation For St. Brigid's Church
Best Cultural/Worship
11/07/13 Capitol Restoration Races To Cost-Saving Conclusion
Best Government/Public Buildings
11/07/13 FMS SANDPRFAB Contract No. 1 - New Prefabricated Modular Building Units
Award of Merit, Government/Public Buildings
11/07/13 New Britain Police Station
Award of Merit, Government/Public Buildings
11/07/13 Brookhaven National Laboratory-Laboratory Office Buildings
Award of Merit, Government/Public Buildings
11/07/13 121st Police Precinct
Award of Merit, Government/Public Buildings
11/07/13 New York State Police Troop G Headquarters
Award of Merit, Government/Public Buildings
11/07/13 Dramatic Scope Change Tests Builders' Flexibility
Best Green Project
11/07/13 Arbor House
Award of Merit, Green Project
11/07/13 Close Coordination Delivers Mount Sinai Lab Complex
Best Health Care
11/07/13 Nanotech Facility Ushers In Next-Generation Research
Best Higher Education/Research
11/07/13 Connecticut College, New London
Award of Merit, Higher Education/Research
11/07/13 Fordham University Gabelli School of Business-Hughes Hall Renovation
Award of Merit, Higher Education/Research
11/07/13 Staging Plan Helps Team Deliver N.Y. Bridge Repair
Best Highways/Bridges
11/07/13 I-590 and Winton Road Diverging Diamond Interchange Project
Award of Merit, Highways/Bridges
11/07/13 Route 206 Bypass
Award of Merit, Highways/Bridges
11/07/13 Warehouse Transformed Into a Vibrant School
Best Interiors/Tenant Improvement
11/07/13 New York University - Elmer Holmes Bobst Library
Award of Merit, Interiors/Tenant Improvement
11/07/13 Brooklyn Campus Aims To Become a Landmark
Best K-12 Education
11/07/13 Alternative Science School for Math & Science Expansion
Award of Merit, K-12 Education
11/07/13 Day-Lighted River Brings Water Up to the People
Best Landscaoe/Hardscape/Urban Development
11/07/13 FDR Four Freedoms Park
Award of Merit, Landscape/Hardscape/Urban Development
11/07/13 Gut Rehabilitation Brings New Life to 800 Scudders Mill Road Office Building
Best Office/Retail/Mixed Use
11/07/13 Restoration Revives Elmira College's Historic Cowles Hall
Best Renovation/Restoration
11/07/13 New York City Hall Rehabilitation
Award of Merit, Renovation/Restoration
11/07/13 NYC Rapid Repairs Program
Award of Merit, Residential/Hospitality
11/07/13 Revamped Connecticut University Dining Hall Goes International
Best Small Project (Under $10 Million)
11/07/13 New York Presbyterian Hospital 68th Street Entrance
Award of Merit, Small Project (Under $10 Million)
11/07/13 Restored Cast-Iron Judd Foundation Building Pays Tribute to Late Artist
Best Specialty Contracting
11/07/13 Coler Goldwater Specialty Hospital and Nursing Facility
Award of Merit, Specialty Contracting
11/07/13 New York Aquarium Aquatheater
Award of Merit, Sports/Entertainment
11/07/13 $1.3B UV Water Treatment Plant Scores Many Firsts
Best Water/Environment
11/06/13 Big and Small Claim the Winner's Circle

2013 Best Projects Overview
11/04/13 Brooklyn Arena Wins Big Despite Many Challenges

Best Overall Project/Best Sports and Entertainment
09/27/13 Repair of New York State's Old Bridges Enters the Fast Track

Under separate ABC programs in New York State, crews are working to reapir or rehabilitate old bridges.
09/27/13 Pipes Get an Upgrade at Occupied Complex in Manhattan

In an ‘unprecedented’ approach, crews are replacing about 2 miles of pipe in each of the complex’s 10 buildings as residents look on.
08/30/13 NYC Tunnels Through Water Distribution, Trunk Main Work

Workers are connecting trunk and distribution mains at 11 sites to the Manhattan leg of Water Tunnel No. 3
06/28/13 Historic Navy Yard Site Brought Into New Century

The team is charged with taking a 100-year-old structure into the 21st century while leaving most of its original elements in place.
05/31/13 Lessons Learned From a Superstorm

Homeowners and industry groups are considering where to go from here.
05/31/13 Coastal Restoration Is Pressing But Controversial

Towns have pushed hard to restore beachfronts and coastal areas for summer, but differences abound on the best long-term protections.
05/31/13 New York City’s Coming Changes to Zoning and Building Codes Are Meant to Eliminate Conflicts

Superstorm Sandy-triggered changes to New York City zoning are out for public review. Recommendations for changes to the building code are expected in June.
05/31/13 Flooded Sewage Plants Seek Ways to Keep Pumps Running in the Next Storm

Regional water and wastewater facilities, most in low-lying areas hard hit by storm surge or rain, look at short-term fixes and long-term solutions.
05/31/13 Calls for N.Y.-N.J. Region 'Resiliency Czar' to Coordinate Post-Sandy Efforts

Industry groups set forth a myriad of ideas for disaster resistance and resilience in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.
05/31/13 At Four Years Old, a New Station Needs Rethinking

Manhattan's South Ferry Station was hailed as a state-of-the-art marvel when it opened in 2009. But now it must be reinvented.
05/31/13 Homeowners Eye N.Y. and N.J. Buyout Plans

As federal relief funds begin to flow, three separate options are on the table for those in the hardest-hit regions.
05/31/13 Tristate Power Companies Surge Ahead With Upgrades

Following massive cleanup efforts, utilities draw up new plans to guard against future storms.
03/29/13 In This West Side Story, Construction is Elevating

Surrounded by other construction projects, the last leg of NYC’s High Line park requires frequent meetings with neighboring management teams.
03/29/13 A South Jersey Hospital Weathers the Storm

Despite Sandy, a small N.J. hospital makes some adjustments and keeps on building.
03/01/13 New York City's Tall Towers Take Over Starts

The city’s high-end residential market dominates the top 25 biggest projects to break ground last year.
03/01/13 Powerplant Becomes New Face on Campus

New Jersey’s Montclair State University adds a powerplant.
02/04/13 Historic Science Hall Gets an Inside Job

West Point makes extensive interior renovations to bring ‘cramped, old’ space into the 21st Century.
11/30/12 Some Tristate Projects Suffer Sandy’s Blow

ENR New York revisits some of the projects it covered earlier this year that were in the path of Sandy.
11/30/12 Recovery Work Takes Center Stage

Superstorm Sandy put a lot of work on the street, but the industry’s long-term forecast is still in need of rescue.
11/30/12 The Triumph of the Telephone Poles

N.J. utility’s pole-mounted solar program is well on its way to becoming the world’s largest.
11/08/12 Making Short Work of Long Spans

ENR New York’s best project of 2012.
11/06/12 7 Line’s Contrat C

Award of Merit Transportation
11/06/12 Police Precinct Nabs Adaptive Reuse Strategy

Best Renovation/Restoration
11/06/12 Island Gateway Aims To Pique Tourist Interest

Best Small Project (Under $10 Million)
11/06/12 New Campus Showcases The Future of Technology

Best Specialty Contracting
11/06/12 Park Captures 'Magnitude Of Sheer Simplicity'

Best Landscape/Hardscape/Urban Development
11/06/12 New Headquarters May Be Greenest in New Jersey

Best Office
11/06/12 Improved Trading Floor Blends the Old and the New

Best Interior Design/Tenant Improvement
11/06/12 NYC's Only Casino Sets Pace at Historic Raceway

Best Sports/Entertainment
11/06/12 The Continental

Award of Merit Retail/Mixed-Use
11/06/12 Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge Foundations and Approach Structures

Award of Merit Transportation
11/06/12 NYC Public Schools Build Up to Make the Grade

Best K-12 Education
11/06/12 Terminal B Parking Garage Repairs and Rehabilitation

Award of Merit Renovation/Restoration
11/06/12 Expansion Pumps Up Vermont Resort

Best Residential/Hospitality
11/06/12 Baystate Medical Center, Phase One

Award of Merit Health Care
11/06/12 Superfund Site Cleans Up its Act

Best Industrial
11/06/12 New Structure Stitches School Together

Best Higher Education
11/06/12 CUNY, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Award of Merit Higher Education
11/06/12 Sustainable School Surpasses its Goals

Best Green Project
11/06/12 Claiming Their Stake With Top Honors

ENR New York’s best projects completed in the past year.
11/06/12 New Jersey American Water Canoe Brook

Award of Merit Green
11/06/12 Brooklyn Navy Yard, Building 92

Award of Merit Green
11/06/12 Pediatric Center Gets a Good Prognosis

Best Health Care
11/06/12 Lake Champlain Bridge Overcomes Rough Weather

Best Civil Works/Infrastructure
11/06/12 Peaking Project Wins Inaugural Safety Award

The PSEG New Haven Peaking Project wins ENR New York’s first-ever Safety Award.
11/06/12 Restoration of Waterbury City Hall

Award of Merit Government/Public Buildings
11/06/12 New Courthouse Soars Over Buffalo

Best Government/Public Buildings
11/06/12 A Garden Grows in Brooklyn

Best Cultural/Worship
09/28/12 School Bond Referendums Still a Difficult Subject for Taxpayers

Long Beach High School’s $29-million renovation and expansion project was made possible thanks to its school district’s ability to get voter approval of a $92.7-million bond referendum in 2009.
09/28/12 Putting Education on a Firm Foundation

Crews dig deep to bring a waterfront high school into the 21st Century.
09/28/12 Wall Street West Moves Uphill

A university’s new student center taps into Jersey City’s renaissance.
08/30/12 Library's Special Collection Gets a Cool Connection

A sophisticated HVAC system helps Princeton Theological Seminary’s newest library keep its rare books intact.
06/22/12 Top Contractors Expect More of Same in the Next Year

Tristate contractors expect more of same for next year
06/22/12 A Tight-Fit Span Takes the Fast Track

The joint venture team building Connecticut’s new Moses Wheeler Bridge is racing to beat its self-imposed deadline for completion.
05/25/12 New Health Hub Delivers Something for Everyone

The nine-story, mixed-use Wellness Plaza in downtown New Brunswick, N.J., is a critical spoke in a major redevelopment effort.
05/25/12 Powering Up Construction Waste

The $225-million powerplant is the only one in southern New England that runs on C&D waste.
04/27/12 New Dawn for New Jersey Solar

A few N.J. counties have pooled resources to come up with a way to generate and fund renewable power.
04/27/12 Slow Economy Yields 'No Major Growth' for Design Firms

Design firms are preparing for a long gradual recovery.
03/30/12 Tackling Big Things in Small Places

Building new housing for Pace University required “surgical demolition” and beyond-the-norm logistical coordination.
03/30/12 Speed Bumps Along the Billion-Dollar Highway

Several planned mega-projects in New York state bode well for industry, but experts remain cautious about the year ahead.
03/02/12 Top Starts

ENR New York ranks the largest projects started in the last year
03/02/12 New $78-Million Water Treatment Plant Takes the High Ground

When completed, the new facility will replace a 90-year-old plant located in a floodplain.
02/06/12 ENR New York’s Top 20 Under 40

These industry up-and-comers from the tristate region come from diverse backgrounds and firms but share the common goal of striving for the best.
02/06/12 ENR New York’s Top 20 Under 40

These industry up-and-comers from the tristate region come from diverse backgrounds and firms but share the common goal of striving for the best.
02/03/12 On the Road to Digitization

While some regulatory agencies have automated transactions for the building industry, many lack even the basics in IT.
02/03/12 Brooklyn Basketball Arena Nears Final Buzzer

Despite budget cuts, design changes, legal battles and project team overhauls, the new home for the Nets takes shape.
12/12/11 NYC Schools Put Private Partnerships to Work

The P3 gives the developer a long lease and allows annual payments in lieu of taxes, and it provides the city with new schools built for free.
12/02/11 Conn.’s Health Care Sector to Check In on Construction

With more than $1 billion of expansions and new building planned, the state’s hospital and health-care sector may throw a lifeline to the industry.
12/01/11 NYC Schools Put Private Partnerships to Work

The P3 gives the developer a long lease and allows annual payments in lieu of taxes, and it provides the city with new schools built for free.
12/01/11 Conn.’s Health Care Sector to Check In on Construction

With more than $1 billion of expansions and new building planned, the state’s hospital and health-care sector may throw a lifeline to the industry.
11/03/11 Army Hospital Doesn't Miss a Beat in Relocation
Best Health Care
11/03/11 Columbia Science Building Fits Into a Tight Corner
Best Higher Education/Research
11/03/11 Towson University West Village Commons, Towson, Md.
Award of Merit Higher Education/Research
11/03/11 Delaware Refinery Restart Comes in Under Budget
Best Industrial/Manufacturing
11/03/11 Astoria Energy 575-MW Powerplant, Phase II, Astoria, N.Y.
Award of Merit Industrial/Manufacturing
11/03/11 HOK Designs Itself Into a New Space
Best Interior Design/Tenant Improvement
11/03/11 At Long Last, Community Over the Moon Over School
Best K-12 Education
11/03/11 Notable New York Park Gets a Makeover
Best Landscape/Hardscape/Urban Development
11/03/11 Residential Towers Start From Scratch in New York
Best Multi-Family Residential/Hospitality
11/03/11 Centra, Woodbridge, N.J.
Award of Merit Office
11/03/11 U.S. Institute of Peace Gets a Permanent Home
Best Office
11/03/11 Exterior Restoration of the New York Public Library - Humanities and Social Sciences Library, N.Y.
Award of Merit Renovation/Restoration
11/03/11 Historic Philly Building Transforms into Campus
Best Renovation/Restoration
11/03/11 American Trucking Associations Capitol Hill Legislative Office, Washington, D.C.
Award of Merit Renovation/Restoration
11/03/11 Complicated Geometry Frames a D.C. Building
Best Retail/Mixed Use
11/03/11 Robinson Nature Center, Columbia, Md.
Award of Merit Green Project
11/03/11 From Steel Plant to Performance Venue
Best Small Project (Under $10 Million)
11/03/11 New Technology Building Rises in Binghamton
Best Green Project
11/03/11 BRAC Air National Guard Headquarters and Readiness Center, Camp Springs, Md.
Award of Merit Government/Public Building
11/03/11 Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine - New Visitor and Education Center, Baltimore
Award of Merit Small Project (under $10 million)
11/03/11 Philly Snags Northeast's Largest Convention Hall
Best Government/Public Building
11/03/11 National Museum of American Jewish History, Philadelphia
Award of Merit Cultural/Worship
11/03/11 Classical Music Center Strikes Distinctive Chord
Best Cultural/Worship
11/03/11 Tunnel Project Bores Deep Into N.Y.'s Past
Best Civil/Infrastructure
11/03/11 Pittsburgh's LEED-Gold Arena is First for NHL
Best Sports/Entertainment
11/03/11 Maryland Highway Takes The Eco-Friendly High Road

Saving and relocating more than 400 eastern box turtles was only part of the environmental precautions required for this project.
11/03/11 NYC Viaduct Finishes Ahead of Schedule
Award of Merit Transportation
11/03/11 Meet the Jury
Meet the Jury
11/03/11 2011 Best Projects Take Center Stage

Battling to keep business afloat in a tough economic climate is hard enough, but the 98 contenders in this year's Best Projects competition had to go further than just completing the job.
10/03/11 The New Jersey Situation

Stopping the slide in demand for new projects and creating jobs remain major concerns for the Garden State construction market.
10/03/11 Reviving the Dead Zones

The recession resulted in many stalled projects, but some of them are revving up to restart.
09/08/11 4 WTC: Out of the Spotlight

At 977 feet, 4 WTC will be the shortest of the World Trade Center site's four towers, but like the smallest child in a big family, it stands in its own right.
07/25/11 Rx for Hospital Design: Models & Meetings

Collaboration and technology help in building Princeton Medical Center.
05/09/11 Public Push for Green
More than a trend, green design is an institution in the tri-state area. Universities, hospitals and other institutional clients are the main drivers of local large-scale sustainable projects. Fortunately for design firms, many of those sectors held up relatively well during the downturn as private clients retreated from development plans or were held back by limited financing.
05/09/11 Top Design Firms

Top Design Firms Design firms throughout the region continue to suffer the pains of the recession, but some see signs of relief on the horizon. As with 2009, designers saw a dribble of work flow from private-sector clients last year as financing remains elusive. But ongoing public-sector and institutional clients continue to buoy the market for many firms. Public money is drying up fast, but some executives at local design firms are hopeful that a surge in private work could keep revenue flowing.
04/11/11 Enter the Dragon

New York designers are as familiar with high-rise work as any designers in the world. So when a New York-based team was assembled to deliver a new 450-room hotel and convention facility in the heart of Hanoi’s new central business district, a skyscraper seemed the obvious choice to reflect the rise of Vietnam’s bustling economy.
04/11/11 Big Apple Talent Spreads On Global Projects

Brad Perkins may run out of room for immigration stamps in his passport soon. Earlier this year, Perkins, a principal and founder of Perkins Eastman, New York City, set off on a 17-day tour to visit prospective and current clients.
04/11/11 Sustainable, Integrated And Also Affordable

Each of the six south-facing steps of the building features a solar photovoltaic system. Combined with PV trellises on the fifth and seventh floor gardens and a stair canopy on the top of the building, the system will generate approximately 70,000 KW per year, enough to power about 3% of the total building.
03/07/11 Running Near Empty

Three years after the banking crisis and recession hit the U.S. economy, slowing investment in power resources, firms in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are trying to reenergize the sector and address future demand that will grow as the economy improves.
03/07/11 Manhattan Miracle

Years after planners planted the seeds of redevelopment at the World Trade Center complex, the 16-acre site in lower Manhattan shows significant signs of life.
03/07/11 ENR New York Ranks The Largest Projects Started In The Last Year

Although the construction downturn began years ago, its deep impact on major projects around the region is reflected in ENR NY’s list of 2010 Top Starts.
03/07/11 Cat/Del Crews Carry Out Colossal Coordination

Nine Million New York City residents are depending on Welsbach Electric to meet a critical April milestone at the Catskill/Delaware Ultraviolet Disinfection Facility now under construction in...
03/07/11 Tidal Shift In Water Market

Aging infrastructure and new regulatory requirements to improve municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants are driving investments in clean water and wastewater infrastructure around the region.
02/07/11 Renovation Salvation

With tight budget and financing issues putting the squeeze on base-building projects during the recession, lingering opportunities in the renovation market have proved to be a lifeline for some...
02/07/11 New-Look Lincoln

For seven years construction crews have staged a grand performance on the 16-acre campus of Lincoln Center in Manhattan. Like any good show, the rehabilitation of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts....
02/07/11 Let There Be Light

It’s somewhat fitting that the much-needed renovation and expansion of Manhattan’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center will take longer to complete than its original design and construction.

12/01/10 Best of 2010
One thing we’ve come to expect every year when it comes to our annual, year-end “Best Of” competition is that it’s nearly impossible to make any assumptions or predictions as to the outcome.
12/01/10 Michel Abboud: Designer of Park51

Amid the controversy surrounding Park51, the Muslim community center and worship space in Lower Manhattan labeled the “Ground Zero Mosque” by its opponents, the young New York-based firm SOMA...
11/01/10 Just the Basics

Funding sources and government programs are moving towards requiring green certification or mandating sustainable features for affordable housing grants. Developers are gaining a deeper...
11/01/10 Livable City

New York is a center of commerce, a hubbub of construction activity, even in difficult economic times, but it’s also home to millions of people. Mindful of residents and the city’s visitors, the New York Building...
11/01/10 Tall Order

Long before most people thought of green as anything other than a color, New York City began building sustainable buildings. Now the city is aiming to reduce its overall carbon footprint 30% by 2030 and for...
11/01/10 Sustainable Justice

Staten Island’s first new courthouse in more than 75 years, and the City’s first green courthouse, is rising in the St. George section of the borough.
11/01/10 Serious But Stable

The New York regional construction market’s dark journey since late 2008 has had its few bright spots – K-12 schools, higher education, massive ongoing transportation jobs – but few seemed as brilliant as...
10/01/10 Urban Upgrades

Aiming to grow to meet an increasing demand for higher education, New York City’s major universities are investing in substantial upgrades to their campuses.
10/01/10 Deal Builders

A year ago, signs of the construction market’s collapse were as clear as a crisp autumn day – backlogs were drying up, revenues were swept away, sputtering projects went dormant, and new work was nowhere on the bare landscape.
08/01/10 Downtown Moves: Construction At The World Trade Center

The headlines about the redevelopment of the World Trade Center site usually include “arbitration,” “notice of dispute,” and “finally started” — with only the occasional mention of any good news.
08/01/10 The Next Grand Central: Lower Manhattan’s First Major Commuter Rail Hub

When completed in 2014, the brand-new, $1.4 billion Fulton Street Transit Center will transform Lower Manhattan’s commuter rail traffic by creating a veritable “Grand Central Station” for the island’s southern tip.
08/01/10 Organized Chaos: Inside the Mind of the Puppet Master on the Country’s Biggest Job Site: Lower Manhattan

Inside the Mind of the Puppet Master on the Country’s Biggest Job Site: Lower Manhattan
08/01/10 Learning Curve: N.Y. Region’s K-12 School Market Tightens

Lower Manhattan, the City’s fastest growing residential neighborhood, is facing a shortage of classroom space.
08/01/10 Sustainable Campus: Battery Park City Sets High Bar for Urban K-12

It might be hard to believe, but there was a time when Skanska considered itself something of an unknown in the U.S. construction market.
08/01/10 Construction U: Construction Management Programs are Educating the Industry’s Next Generation of Leaders

Construction management educators listen to industry feedback, so they can better prepare students to assume positions of responsibility, and many firms offer guidance through internships and participation on advisory boards.
07/01/10 NYC Underground

Tunnels have long snaked through the bedrock beneath New York, carrying people and water, but now the underground labyrinth is growing, with multiple projects under way.
07/01/10 Under Second Avenue

Beneath Second Avenue on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, a 485-ton monster is chewing its way through bedrock, mining tunnels for New York City’s first new subway line in 50 years.
07/01/10 A Different World

Almost a decade after the attacks of 9/11, much of the new World Trade Center site remains under construction, with signature pieces like the Freedom Tower, the Frank Gehry performing arts pavilion...
07/01/10 Long Road

Few projects last more than 40 years, but the New York City Department of Environmental Protection’s $6 billion, 60-mi City Water Tunnel No. 3, the largest project in the city’s history, has spanned more than...
07/01/10 Going Down

Building Information Modeling is not just for vertical construction. Tunneling projects implementing BIM are realizing benefits in planning, design and construction coordination.
06/01/10 Top Projects Starts 2009
Looking back on 2009 there were a few reasons to smile. Despite a year that saw the industry’s new job rate fall to the lowest it has been in a decade, 2009 wasn’t all bad.
06/01/10 High Tide for Unions

Following the November 2008 elections, hope ran high among national union bosses. Unprecedented political canvassing by union members helped shore up a victory for labor-friendly presidential...
06/01/10 Frank Gehry "Demystified"

A 70-story, folded, creased and curved stainless-steel curtain wall on an 867-ft-tall apartment building has been called "Gehry only on the outside," as if the building is a fake Frank.
06/01/10 Signature Style

Grand plans for the redevelopment of the World Trade Center included a who's who of the architectural world: Daniel Libeskind on the site plan, Santiago Calatrava on the the transit hub, Richard Rogers and...
05/01/10 Industry Evolution

Just a decade ago green building was still on the fringes of the A/E/C communities. Some had bought into it, but, for the most part, “sustainability” and all of its surrounding buzzwords had yet to enter the...
05/01/10 Playing Small Ball

In a roaring development cycle, size is an edge. The construction company with a monster lineup of staff, resources, equipment, and experience nearly always has a jump snaring attractive projects...
05/01/10 Urban Greenery

Despite, or perhaps because of, the city’s density and relative proximity to a public park, walking is an almost extinct pastime in New York City.
04/01/10 Head Above Water

The construction market in North Jersey is not unlike most in the Tri-State region. Private jobs are hard to come by – and even harder to find – and most firms, large and small, find themselves pitted against...
04/01/10 Buffalo Roost

There is an old engineering adage that says you can’t have faster, better and cheaper all at the same time. Yahoo is out to prove this adage wrong with its new data center under construction in upstate NY.
04/01/10 Fit for Survival

The storm clouds over the New York region’s construction industry had formed in late fall 2009 as project backlogs emptied and new jobs were few on the horizon.
04/01/10 Emerging Sector

As the demand for information technology has exploded, so, too, has the need for data centers housing servers, storage devices and networking gear.
03/01/10 Greening an Icon: The Empire State Building

When the owners of the Empire State Building in 2007 decided to move forward with a new capital improvement plan, they were looking for standard improvements to get the building to Class A commercial status.
03/01/10 Above and Beyond

Hanging more than 200 ft over a jobsite in downtown Kansas City, Mo., James Hague doesn’t seem to notice the tiny people and equipment below his feet.
03/01/10 Ranking Efficiency

With new legislation passed in New York City late last year, all of New York’s buildings totaling more than 50,000 sq ft are required to submit to benchmarking and retro-commissioning, essentially putting those buildings’ efficiency ratings up against other buildings across the country.
03/01/10 Retrofitting Residential

Open windows in January are a just one sign of the energy inefficiencies that plague many multifamily buildings in urban areas.
03/01/10 Back to Schools

The financial meltdown and ensuing recession are forcing universities across the region to delay or scale back construction plans.
03/01/10 Rock U Still Growing

Rockefeller University in New York has undertaken multiple projects to enhance its research facilities and modernize its historic campus to attract distinguished faculty.
03/01/10 Green Crescent

Faced with a growing enrollment, Quinnipiac University is building a new $300 million, 250-acre residential campus in Hamden, Conn., to house more than 1,500 students.
03/01/10 Bright Spots in Connecticut

Overall, Connecticut construction activity remains slow, but there are some glimmers of hope for better times on the horizon.
03/01/10 Re-Imagined in New Haven

Developer Bruce Becker looked to the past to create his vision for 360 State Street, a cutting-edge green residential tower in downtown New Haven, Connecticut.
03/01/10 Capital Freeze

The words construction industry veterans are using to describe the state of project financing show how far the market has fallen since the 2008 economic crash.
01/01/10 2010 Local Industry Forecast

Several large public projects will continue to move forward in 2010, but with the economy still troubled and financial markets unyielding, private jobs are few. Yet they create opportunities for some firms as the industry right-sizes and moves forward.
01/01/10 Tracking Trash: Construction teams place higher importance on construction waste management

With the advent of LEED, construction managers are viewing the dumpster in a new light. Construction wastes, once relegated to landfills, are now recycled or reused to earn LEED credits and comply with sustainable construction initiatives.
01/01/10 National Outlook

Following three years of precipitous declines, the construction market may be eyeing a rebound in 2010 thanks to a much improved residential sector, but for designers and contractors in many other building sectors it may be too soon to celebrate.
01/01/10 Tri-State Stimulus Snapshots
In a year of so much doom and gloom, we look at three innovative stimulus projects that are employing hundreds of Tri-State workers.
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